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The risk of developing knee osteoarthritis (OA) after meniscus surgery varies depending on the type of procedure. After arthroscopic partial meniscectomy (APM), the absolute risk of consulting for knee OA was found to be 17%, while it was 10% after meniscus repair. Compared to the general population, the consultation rate for knee OA was at least two times higher after meniscus repair and about five times higher after APM. However, the risk of knee OA after meniscus repair was about 25-50% lower than after APM 1.

Risk factors for radiographic progression of OA after partial meniscectomy of discoid lateral meniscus tear include the presence of a horizontal tear, prolonged symptom duration, and increased relative percentage of discoid lateral meniscus thickness 2.

Furthermore, a study found a slightly greater risk for progression of radiographic knee OA in the APM group compared to the placebo surgery group 3.

In conclusion, both meniscectomy and meniscus repair are associated with an increased risk of OA, but the risk appears to be lower with meniscus repair compared to APM.